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The Shiba XXX (柴野犬xxx) is an experimental wild clone of Shiba Inu, designed by scientists to live on Mars.

After a
freak lab accident, all the scientists were found dead and the ShibaXXX dogs are now on the loose.

For some reason, something in its DNA is telling it to hunt down Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu 1_edited.jpg

The conspiracy theory

behind it, is that its design and escape was intentionally planned by the mad billionaire who funded the entire project. 

Rumor has it, the eccentric billionaire got into a Twitter fight with the Shiba Inu community and has now unleashed his wild Shiba XXX dogs to hunt down Shiba Inu

"The war started with a simple Tweet"

3% Shiba Inu rewards

7% Liquidity Pool

5% Marketing & breeding research

Stealth Launched

Devs are wild, not afraid to spend on marketing

Experienced and well connected in the space

Partners & Backers

  • Steezy's Turtle Gang

  • GemHunterz

  • KingDawgsCalls

  • Caesar Calls

  • Cryptic Maestro

  • Venom Calls 

  • Comet Calls

  • Biggie Smalls Calls

  • Fat Bucker Calls

  • Moonarch Snipes

  • Crypto King

Road Map

Phase 1

✅ Stealth launch coin 

✅ Verify Contract

✅ Lock Liquidity for 90 days

✅ Marketing through promos and community giveaways

✅ Community Marketing (listings, shilling)

✅ Strategic partnership with design and development team
✅ v1 Whitepaper release

Phase 2

✅ NFT conceptualization and planning

✅ Apply for Coingecko & Coin Market Cap 

✅ ShibaXXX NFT listing on Defy NFT

✅ Promote launching of NFT collectibles

🔨 Discord channel for NFT collecting and trading

🔨 Potential adjustment of tokenomics for more SHIB rewards to holders

🔨 More strategic partnership development 

Phase 3​

🔥 under community discussion

NFT projects

Our NFTs are listed at DefyNFT marketplace
​(Click explore and filter ShibaXXX)

Genesis NFT
Premium Collection

Whitepaper NFT Tribute
Memorabilia Collection

ShibaXXX first Arabic promotion
Memorabilia Collection

ShibaXXX & Powerpuff Girls
Partnership Collection

ShibaXXX & CryptoKing
Partnership Collection

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